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Anthis Nexus

Anthis Nexus (Nexus) produce highly acclaimed housings that are used by many professional underwater photographers. They are the housings chosen by many distinguished pro photographers like David Doubilet and William Tan. Many professionals have chosen the Nexus system because their jobs are dependent on getting the best results under the most demanding conditions. Nexus quality is unsurpassed with highly engineered and manufactured controls and accessories.

Toshikazu Kozawa is the man behind Nexus. An underwater photographer for more than thirty years, Toshikazu founded Nexus in 1991. His designing expertise shines through in housings that are extremely light and compact, have excellent control layouts but are built too last. Toshikazu supports his housing line with an extensive line of ports and port accessories that covers even the most extreme wide angle and super macro underwater photography requirements.

Remarkably, Toshikazu continues to offer Nexus housings and accessories at a price we would consider to be well below their real market value. This means that these entirely professional housings are very affordable for the masses.

Please call us here at (Fun-in) to arrange for an appointment if you would like to view the Nexus range of housings. We would like to set aside some time to discuss the Nexus system in detail. We could show you how to assemble your system, check the various strobe functions and bring you through the procedures of keeping the ocean out of your housing.

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